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Exclusive Diwali Offer on The Best Silver Jewellery| 10% off on 2nd Product

Silver jewellery is the most beloved friend for every lady out there. An essence of silver works perfectly with every outfit whether a traditional attire or fashionable western outfit. There is something about the shine and ethnicity of silver jewellery that attracts every individual.

The allure of silver jewellery treads deep in the Indian culture. Festivities, traditions, and silver are the perfect trio that binds an individual into the pious spirits.

As the celebrations and silver go hand in hand, why not create an exceptional look with flowy lehengas topped with finely crafted silver jewellery with intricate designs and epic flare?

The Diwali festivities are here. It is time to dress in your finest and create a look so gorgeous that it becomes the talk-of-the-town for years to come.

Are you ready to give yourself an enchanting finish with the lightning tale of 925 sterling silver jewellery that works best with the Diwali 2021 jewellery trends? You may wonder, though you have a million-dollar look up in your dreams, the price factor can create a hindrance.

Giving an ear to your worries, Shinewine- Online store for the finest collection of 925 sterling silver jewellery presents to you an offer that you just can't resist. Buy any 2 pieces of silver jewellery from our classic collection and get exclusive 10% off on your second purchase.

Our Diwali Silver Jewellery Collection is perfect to pair with your traditional outfits and create a buzz all around. A festive collection so pure and gorgeous that it creates ripples in the fashion industry.

Our especially curated offer on designer silver jewellery works perfectly well as a gifting item as well. Imagine the look of your loved ones when you give them the best surprise in form of the best sterling silver jewellery? Who said Diwali gifts must include only sweets? Take a level up with silver jewellery Diwali gifting and be the most special one in the room. 

Explore the exclusive Diwali Silver Jewellery Collection at Shinewine.

Silver Earrings

Silver Earrings should be a must-have in your Diwali jewellery collection. No attire is ever complete without a pair of flawless silver earrings.

Halo Solitaire Silver Studs

Halo Silver Studs for Diwali

The classical Halo Solitaire Stud Silver Earrings are an epitome of simplicity and elegance. Crafted in AAA+ Quality Cubic Zircons, the silver earrings are in itself a fashion bonanza. Rock on your festive outfits and create the perfect look adorned in diamond studded silver earrings.

Silver Pearl Studs

Silver Pearl Studs for Diwali

The pristine beauty of Silver Pearl Studs exudes a timeless elegance, and that’s exactly what you want into your look. The versatility of the pearl earrings complements all Diwali fashion styles. Whether you are flaunting a traditional lehenga or going overboard with modern infusion, the silver pearl earrings radiates an effortless charm. 

Blue Sapphire Silver Halo Studs 

Sapphire Silver Studs for Diwali

Everybody loves a colourful bling. That is why, the Blue Sapphire Halo Studs are your best option to create a flawless Diwali look. Be your amazing self with the exclusive silver earrings and celebrate Diwali like no other. 

Silver Necklaces

Imagine a decadent silver necklace hanging around your neckline with lots of glimmer and glamour? Tempting right? That's what our Silver Necklace Collection does to your outfits. It adds an additional glamour and pomp to your overall look.  

Moon Shine Silver Necklace

Silver Necklace for Diwali

A shiny completion of your Diwali outfit. The cute dangling Moon Shine Silver Necklace is the perfect solution for your neckline.

Butterfly Charm Silver Necklace

Silver Necklace for Diwali

Imagine the epitome of vibrance you will exude while wearing the one-of-a-kind Butterfly Charm Silver Necklace. The delicately hanging butterflies lets you set in the mood of Diwali wherein we all become kids and enjoy the little celebrations.

Rolling Diamonds Silver Necklace

Silver Necklace for Diwali

Diwali 2021 is all about simplicity. Make your Diwali the best with zirconia diamonds, Rolling Diamonds Silver Necklace and be the best dressed in the room.

Silver Bracelets

Your mehndi-clad hands need a friend of their own. The perfectly crafted Silver Bracelets in different colours and styles are your best option to create a fashion statement.

Rainbow Charm Silver Bracelet

Silver Bracelet for Diwali

The extravagant Silver Rainbow Charm Bracelet shall fit perfectly with your colourful Diwali outfits. Made in 925 Sterling Silver, the silver charm bracelet adorns colourful zirconia diamonds. Flaunt the perfectly crafted silver bracelet and enjoy the Diwali celebrations as your fashion parade.

Toggle Lock Silver Bracelet

Silver Bracelet for Diwali

Simple yet elegant. The perfect shade of rose-gold in the Silver Toggle Lock Tennis bracelet is a shine for your wrists. A delicate accessory that will surely complete your Diwali silver jewellery collection.

Evils Eye Silver Bracelet

Silver Bracelet for Diwali

It is the Diwali season and surely you will dress your best. All sorts of jewellery paired with heavy outfits grabs the eyes of the onlookers. Not all sights are pious and pure. Some might be malicious and negative.

Engulf yourself in the powerful aura of protection with the exclusive Evils Eye Silver Bracelet. The design is simple and will definitely not hinder with your festive makeover.


Celebrate Diwali 2021 with the best silver jewellery trends and create a look a mesmerizing look. We have also curated a guide for you to pair silver jewellery with your traditional outfits and be the dressed in the room.

Shop with confidence at our silver jewellery online store for remarkable service and ultimate prices.


Happy Diwali